Trainee GP says Inclusion Healthcare has taught her the value of holistic care

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Trainee GP blog post

A trainee GP coming to the end of her four-month placement at our practice says the experience has shaped how she will treat vulnerable patients in the future.

Dr Ashna Lakhani, who is in her second year of GP training, wanted to gain experience of working with a different group of patients, and described the organisation as very different to any other GP practice or hospital she has worked in. 

She said: “What’s been eye-opening is the social system and how that works. Before I came here, I had no idea about homelessness. I didn’t have any idea about going through the social system and how people go about changing their situation.”

Dr Lakhani quickly had to gain an understanding of all elements of caring for our patients, from writing referrals to helping with bus pass applications. 

She described how her placement has given her a greater understanding and empathy for the people we treat. 

“I didn’t have any knowledge of how to practically help patients like these, or any idea of what they go through,” she said.

“One of the most challenging things has been dealing with the social injustice and how little help there is out there for people like this.”

A key learning point for Dr Lakhani has been the effectiveness of the MDT (multi-disciplinary team) working, and how a patient can be seen by several clinicians in one day.

She said: “There’s a really good holistic approach to the treatment of patients here. In other places, it’s easy to just think about the medical issue – what I will take from my placement is the importance of that holistic focus and other ways I can support my patients.”

Dr Lakhani said she would recommend the placement to other trainee GPs, adding: “The experience you will get is unlike anywhere else. It’s a great learning opportunity and everyone here is amazing. 

“It’s so important Inclusion Healthcare exists for these people and that medical care is accessible for all.”

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